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“If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you always got”

For your business to remain relevant to your customers, you must keep innovating, finding new ways to create value for your customers and profitability for your business.  A vital element of this innovation is the marketing function.  Often in small to medium sized businesses this is handled by the business owner (in between following up debtors, suppliers and a myriad of other tasks).

Rethink Marketing offers small businesses, access to a specialist marketing resource, at a fraction of the cost of employing an in-house expert.  Our team has a deep understanding of the many technical and commercial challenges faced by small businesses.  We know that budgets are always tight, and can work with you to deliver effective marketing solutions that won’t break the bank.

Our core competencies are in the areas of:

Marketing Planing Strategy

  • Market & Customer analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Market research
  • Customer satisfaction research
  • Marketing Mix
  • Marketing Budgeting & Effectiveness Analysis

Online marketing

  • Online Advertising – Google Adwords,  Facebook Ads, Yahoo, Bing and more
  • Website Design and Modification
  • Search Engine Optimisation – getting you to the top of the list
  • Website Effectiveness & Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Location Based Marketing
  • Analysis & Planning

Direct Marketing

  • Email marketing
  • Telemarketing – planning and training
  • Direct Marketing

Sales Training & Development

  • Solutions based selling training & mentoring
  • Key Account Management training & mentoring
  • Business to Business (B2B) sales training & mentoring

If you need help in any of these areas or would just like someone to bounce your ideas off then call us now on 0448 488 002.


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Business Collaboration

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Business Development

We will be launching a range of sales training and mentoring services in the next few months.  Watch this space for more details coming soon!

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Customer Relationship Management

Great customer relationships rarely occur by chance.  They can however, be embedded into your business model with the right people, processes and technology. Customer Relationship Management, is a business wide strategy, which seeks to harness all of the touch-points that your business has with its customers, to  manage these interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. It involves …

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Learn how to write an effective marketing plan or strategy

Marketing Strategy

Check Without a roadmap you wouldn’t know how to reach your destination, but many businesses launch into their marketing with little idea of where they are going, let alone how to get there. At Rethink Marketing, we have put together a straight forward process, based on some of the most successful marketing models. We can …

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Online Marketing

Today more than 53% of Australian adults buy what they need on the Internet, with the majority of these purchasing products and services from other Australian companies .   Other studies have shown that almost 90% of buyers research their larger purchases online, before they visit a retailer.  What this means for small businesses, is …

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Web Design and Development

When you engage Rethink Marketing to build your website you are guaranteed to receive a site, that out performs any website you have ever previously operated.  The web sites we design and develop are focussed on a single objective…delivering you the best possible business outcome from all of your marketing initiatives.  We will also work with …

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Web Site Effectiveness

Today there a huge range of free tools available that allow just about anyone to build a website design.  These tools also allow you to build a website that looks good, but does it do what it needs to do? At Rethink Marketing we know that what defines the success of a website is whether …

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