Does your marketing strategy have a clear focus on the unique way you deliver value to your perfect customer?

At Rethink Marketing we have assisted hundreds of small businesses and not for profit agencies, to get a better understanding about who their ideal customer is, what matters most to them, what the value they deliver to them is, and how they can change the way they operate to win more of them.

Strategic Marketing is the way that a business (or organization) differentiates itself from the competition by building on its strength, to consistently deliver more value to its clients than a competitor can.  While it sounds simple, as you’ll probably appreciate simple is often incredibly difficult.

Simply put Strategic Marketing is all about:

  • understanding who your ideal customer is and what they really want (or need).
  • understanding who your competitors are, and what value they deliver.
  • doing the hard work of creating real value to your clients, and clearly communicating this to your prospects.

In short…simple is hard!

To make this process a little easier, our team has developed a Simple 1 Page Marketing Plan that allows you to clearly focus on the questions which really matter.  The planning template and accompanying instructions are available free for you to use, share and modify.

Download your 1 Page Marketing Plan

Marketing like any other part of your business has both strategic and operational (sometimes called tactical) elements.  At the operational level, we can assist you to operate or optimize your marketing and communications actions.  While at the strategic level, we work with businesses of all sizes to draw out shared understandings about their value creation and positioning.

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