Today more than 53% of Australian adults buy what they need on the Internet, with the majority of these purchasing products and services from other Australian companies .   Other studies have shown that almost 90% of buyers research their larger purchases online, before they visit a retailer.  What this means for small businesses, is that if you don’t have a coherent and well executed approach to online marketing you run the risk of missing out on a lot of business!

In 2009 alone, australian companies generated more than $81 Billion in online sales.   Yet, only 35% of Australian companies operate a website from which they can reach customers, interact and/or transact. And an even smaller portion of these have a cohesive approach to growing their business online.

The reason for this is pretty simple…TIME!

The Internet is a huge marketplace. Yet, many businesses owners don’t know where to start. They can create a website. That’s easy enough. But how do you get traffic to that website? How do you let consumers in your area, or even in the world, know that your website is out there? Deciphering Internet marketing can be a dizzying maze. You can easily get lost in it, trying one thing after another but not having any one thing bring you the results you need.

The reality is that you and businesses like yours don’t have the time to invest to figure it out, and that’s were we can add an enormous value to your online marketing efforts.