When is it time to evolve your logo?

Your logo is what your target audience is first greeted by. It’s something you’d want an immediate recall, convey your personality, and continue to bring your customers back to you, so when is it time to update? Evolving your logo doesn’t mean you need to start from scratch. Instead, it could easily mean some tweaking, such as a simple refinement to the icon, changing the font, colours or how it is laid out. 

When you created your business, you spent the time to make sure your logo gave the right message, and you felt proud to be standing next to it. But over time, just as we age, it has started to date, no longer relevant or appealing. An excellent way to begin the process is to call a team meeting, get a group of friends or colleagues to discuss where they think it needs to be updated. Listen carefully to all the feedback, it’s very valuable to you in deciding the next steps to take. Consider whether your target market has changed, your business changed focus, does your logo reflect you now and into the future and if you have merged with another business. If you have limited skills in designing, I recommend employing the services of a graphic designer. A trained designer can visually communicate your logo, know what colours and fonts work, and supply your logo in all the formats required for print and digital channels. 

Ready to take the journey of evolving your brand? Here are some do and don’t in succeeding. 1. Do your research – Use your feedback to evaluate your position in the market. Make sure it will reflect your business. 

  1. Don’t change everything at once – Keep it simple so your existing audience knows it’s still you, just with a facelift. 
  2. Guidelines in place – Rolling out the new logo, make sure the logo is consistent and following the guidelines, so make sure the previous logos are removed from all digital, print and equipment to keep your brand strong. 
  3. Don’t be too trendy – Following the fashion trends will outdate your logo very quickly and you’ll be back refreshing it sooner than you think. 
  4. Don’t add for the need to add – Keep the changes simple and make an impression instead of over complicating it and confusing your audience. and 
  5. Consider who you get to do the logo – Sometimes it comes down to your budget, but going the cheap way through an online option as an example, can end up being more expensive as you may need a designer to fix the issue that arises. 

There is no defined time when you should evolve your logo. But you will feel things just aren’t working for you; then, it is time to reassess. A strong, evolved logo will continue your business into the future, and all it took was a tweak.