SBC-BW Digital Revolution Training

Suggested Resources:

Consumer Behaviour

Consumer Barometer – provides insights into consumer behaviour and how the internet is changing the way customers behave today.
Mobile Planet – provides insights into the growing importance of the mobile internet

Inbound Marketing

Hubspot – a terrific resource centre of inbound marketing advice and services

Outbound Marketing

Email Marketing Systems – Mailchimp, iContact, Contant Contact, WooCom
Google Keyword Tool – get a better idea as to what Google thinks your website is all about, and the possible market depth for selected keywords.
Google Trends allows you to identify trending terms to seek out seasonal search patterns or new trends.
Google Adwords – offer some useful training (p.s. if you haven’t set up an Adwords account previously , let me know and I can provide you with a $100 start up credit to get the ball rolling)

Website Optimisation

Web Platforms

DIY Site Builders – cheap, cheerful (but make sure your really understand what is free and what you pay for)  Wix, Weebly, Webs

Content Management Systems

  • WordPress (my favourite and by far one of the easiest to use)
  • Joomla – a little trickier to master but extremely powerful

eCommerce Systems

  • Volusion – a software as a service offering that manages all of the security and backend requirements.  Easy to use and “out of this world service”
  • Shopify and BigCommerce also offer managed online shopping cart services
  • There are also several plugins for Joomla! and WordPress which offer shopping cart services that may be worth thinking about.
  • Payment Gateways – PayPal, eWay and SecurePay

Quanititative Analytics Tools

Google Analytics offer some really indepth training at their Conversion University, you can of course find quick how tos on just about anything on YouTube, which shouldn’t be overlooked.
Crazy Egg is a great tool that provides easy-to-interpret “heatmaps” of your website showing youwhere visitors clicked—even if it wasn’t on a link.
ClickTale is another quantitative tool that delivers “in-page web analytics” in the form of a videos of visitors’ screens.

Qualitative Analytics Tools

Use 4Q to ask your visitors why they visited you, and whether their visit was successful.
Qualaroo is a terrific survey tool that lets you easily add smart-looking surveys to the bottom corner of your website, again this is great for asking people about the online experience you are delivering.
If you’re really serious about learning the science of Conversion Rate Optimisation, have a good look through the Conversion Rate Experts website.  These guys really know the business and whilst they only deal with the big end of town, can provide some outstanding ideas for small businesses.

Mobile Internet

How to Go Mo – Great set of tools for testing the mobile readiness of your online presence
Moably offer a really easy to drive mobile site builder at a very reasonable rate.

Customer Relationship Management

Check out the platforms offered by ZohoCRM, Sugar CRM and
If you have any other tools you would like to share with us or your community, please list them below as a comment.

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