Web Site Effectiveness

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Today there a huge range of free tools available that allow just about anyone to build a website design.  These tools also allow you to build a website that looks good, but does it do what it needs to do?

At Rethink Marketing we know that what defines the success of a website is whether it achieves the business objectives you set.  Whether its online sales, retail sales, enquiries, phone calls, mailing list sign ups or indeed any other business metric, what really matters is whether the website does what it is meant to!

We refer to these actions as conversions, and the success of the website in achieving these as the Conversion Rate.  We measure this by looking at the total number of visitors against the number of conversions.  Please refer to the Website Analytics page for more information on how we go about making these measurements.

If your business is looking to achieve a better return from your online investments, then this is generally the easiest and most cost effective starting point.

A great analogy for the performance of your website is that of a sales person.  If you employed a salesperson in your business who only made one sale for every thousand leads then you would have to look at both the quality of the leads and the capabilities of the sales person very closely.  A website is exactly the same, irrelevant traffic and a site which is not Conversion Rate Optimised will deliver a similar outcome.

At Rethink marketing we have built up a great deal of experience in optimising websites to deliver great results.  Our view is that a website needn’t be a work of art (although its nice if it is), but a tool of business.

If you would like to find out how effective your website is or receive some advice on how to improve this then please fill out the enquiry form in the page footer below or contact us and we would be please to assist.


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