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Nobody would drive a car or fly an aircraft without a reliable set of instruments.  likewise no one who intends to stay in business, would be comfortable without at a minimum a cash flow projection, profit and loss and balance sheet (probably in that order).  Your website is exactly the same, unless you know who is visiting your site, how long their spending there and what they are doing, you will be flying blind!

Google Analytics Tools

The key to success with Internet Marketing  is the detailed analysis of  your results to see what’s working and what isn’t.

To have an effective Internet Marketing strategy, you’re going to need to know:

• Where the traffic to your site comes from. For example, did they click-thru from Facebook or Google Pay per Click ad, etc.?

• How long they remain on your site and the pages that they visit.

• The conversion rate. How many visitors perform a required action. If you have a posting on Facebook offering a coupon to anyone who signs up for your newsletter, then when someone signs up, that is a required action. You’ll want to know the conversion rate (a percentage) of the people who take a required action when they visit your website.

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