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Our onsite SEO services have helped several businesses in Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River, Manjimup and Bridgetown and the South West to improve the results that they have been able to achieve from their web presence.

Website Content

The importance of high quality well written and importantly unique content on your website can not be overstated.  We can assist you by analysing your website and selecting keywords that are relevant on each page – or words that best represent the content. For example, if you own a shoe store and you featured a certain brand of shoe on one page of your website, your keywords would be related to the brand name and maybe type of shoe. These words would best represent the content. This way, when someone goes to a search engine such as Google, looking for that shoe, they would find your website.

SEO – Keyword Density

That said, only having your keyword appear once on a page isn’t going to do any good. You can’t just name the page using your keyword, then write whatever you want in the text. Search engines rank your page in their results by importance. This means that your keyword must appear several times in the page. If the keyword appears often enough, then the search engine takes it to mean that the majority of the text on your website relates to this keyword and, thus, the keyword is important.

SEO – Keyword Stuffing

However, you also don’t want to put too many occurrences of the keyword on your website either. That is called keyword stuffing. When you do that, the search engine thinks that you’re just trying to cheat your way into a higher ranking and they will penalise or ban your site from being ranked altogether.

Below is an example of keyword stuffing:

Our blue sneakers are blue sneakers. We sell blue sneakers to people who love blue sneakers. Buy your blue sneakers from us and receive a 10% discount off your blue sneakers. Also, receive free shipping on your blue sneakers. Buy your blue sneakers here – the only place on the ‘net that sells cheap blue sneakers.

You can see from that example how the words “blue sneakers” are overused. Instead, your text should be easy to read, and the keywords should appear naturally within the flow of text. You can, however, use your keywords in page titles, Meta tags, headers, and then within the regular text. Ideally, your webpages should have a keyword density of 3-5%. Keyword density is simply the percentage of times your keywords appear on your page compared to the total number of words on the page.

SEO – Optimisation Tools

At Rethink Marketing we offer a range of tools and resources that will help you to quickly and easily optimize your website. These tools evaluate the keyword density on each page, then suggest other places where we can place keywords to best optimize the page. The better your page is optimized with keywords, the higher you’re going to rank in search engines. The higher you rank in the search engines, the more people who will visit your site. Some Australian companies achieved a 10,000% increase in revenue from Search Engine Optimization alone. It’s not something you can afford to overlook. Search Engine Optimization is one of the cornerstones of any online marketing strategy. Once consumers can easily find you on-line, you’ll see new customers start to make their way in and revenue increase.’

For a limited time we are offering a free onsite audit for all businesses operating in Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River, Manjimup and Bridgetown and the South West of WA.  Contact us now on 0448 488 002 or contact us to find out more




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