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Bunbury Google Adwords ProfessionalPay per Click ads are the text and image ads that you see on the side of a search engine results page. Sometimes they are referred to as “sponsor ads” when you see them on a search result page because the ad is sponsored by you and your company. With a Pay per Click ad, you pay a set amount of money every time someone clicks on your ad and is taken to your website.

Now, with that said, Pay per Click ads are based on keywords just like search engine rankings. When you create a Pay per Click advertising campaign, you will select keywords that you want to use. Let’s use the blue sneakers keyword again. When you select blue sneakers as your keyword for your ad campaign, you will bid on your keyword. The higher bids will get the top spots – or appear at the top of the Pay per Click ads, also known as paid listings. Whenever a potential customer types your keyword in a search engine, your ad will appear on that page.

Pay per Click ads are an effective way to drive customers to your website. In fact, we’ve seen these types of ads increase traffic to company websites by up to 70% or more and increase revenue by at least 20%. When paired with Search Engine Optimization, they are a perfect way to drive traffic to your sites directly from the search engines, and you can do it as quickly as 24 hours after placing the ads. However, it can also get expensive if you’re new to this type of marketing. Along with the expense can come poor results.

To define a successful Pay per Click campaign, you need to:

• Find keywords that are competitive, but not too competitive. You don’t want to use a keyword that a million others are using for their ads. That’s too much competition, and it will drive the price sky high. At the same time, you don’t want to use a keyword that nobody else is using because that means it’s not being used in search engines.

• Determine the competitiveness of the keywords by checking the number of search engine searches for that keyword; along with the other tools that Pay per Click companies such as Google give you.

• If you’re an Australian based company that only wants to do business with customers in your local area, specify the local area in your keywords. That way, your ad is not appearing to the whole country – or to other countries. Don’t waste your money attracting people who wouldn’t buy from you anyway.


Run several Pay per Click ad campaigns at once. Monitor the results to see what time of the day you’re getting the most click-throughs (or visitors to your site as a result of the ad), what keywords and ads are driving them to your site, and how long they’re spending on your site once they get there. This information will help you refine your Pay per Click campaigns to be even more profitable and effective. You’ll see your return on investment increase by simply monitoring and adjusting your ads based on results.

Rethink Marketing is in the business of helping our clients create, launch, and manage effective, profitable Pay per Click campaigns.   Our team includes a Google Adwords Certified Professional.  We can create and monitor your campaigns from start to finish, and save you money on the cost you Pay per Click using our expertise and resources. Boost your revenue, lower your costs, and have thousands of new consumers introduced to your business each and every month. Let us show you by discussing how a Pay per Click campaign can benefit your unique company. There’s no charge and no obligation to learn more.



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