Location Based Marketing

Location Based Marketing brings a whole new level of context to your efforts to communicate and interact with your customers. It effectively allows you to target your online marketing efforts to people in the immediate vicinity of your business. Location Based Marketing is unlike anything we’ve discussed in this paper so far, in that it can be used to drive foot traffic off the street and into your business in real time! In this regards it can deliver great results, when you need them most!

Facebook has Facebook Places. Google offers Google Places. There are an array of location based marketing and social media platforms coming online, which are creating huge wins for the early adopters who are working out how to leverage this exciting new medium.

Location Based Marketing is really a handy service for consumers. It makes it easier for them to find businesses in a certain area and to learn more about them. It can beat sifting through the yellow pages or a search engine to find a local company, or clicking through countless Pay per Click ads to find just who you want. With things like Google Places and Facebook Places, your potential customers can find you. Using Place Based Marketing can increase your company’s visibility to consumers by over 200%. After all, you’re putting your business on the map!

Let’s use Google Places as an example to show you how it works. How it works is like this: you sign up for a free listing. When you do that, you can review how your website appears in search engine results. At that point, you can modify it or make changes. That’s a great benefit right there because it gives you some control over what people see. But Google Places goes a step further. You can get your business placed on Google Maps. Let’s say you own a restaurant, and someone is searching for a restaurant in your area. With Google Places, your restaurant would appear right on the map. Plus, you can add photographs and videos to further entice people to do business with you.

Other services such as Groupon offer you the opportunity to offer group specials to customers in your area on a real time basis. An example of this might be a day spa that has had a last minute cancellation for a 4 hour treatment. With location based marketing, you could send out a special offer with a big discount to fill the gap in your day’s schedule.

That said, you want to put the right information out there. If it were as simple as marking a spot on the map, it wouldn’t be as effective because everyone would be doing it. Contact us at Rethink Marketing to get ideas for your first Place Based Marketing strategy. We’ll talk about how, not only can you put yourself on the map, but compel more customers to contact or visit you at the same time.


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