eMail Marketing

A well planned and executed email marketing campaign can deliver an incredible return on investment, build customer loyalty and enhance the reputation of your business or brand.

A poorly executed email marketing campaign on the otherhand can be an unmitigated disaster, costing you customers, reputation and possibly even landing your business on the wrong side of the law.

So what separates a great email marketing campaign from a complete disaster.  It may surprise you to know this but the answer is not much!  Our support, training and mentoring can help you swing the balance in your favour and help you to get the best possible outcomes from your email marketing efforts.

When it comes to email marketing we believe there are several reasons you should consider using this approach.  These include:

Email Marketing is easy!

Setting up a campaign and monitoring its performance is extremely easy today with a range of free and low cost commercial tools such as Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, iContact  and Benchmark.

Email Marketing delivers quick results

One of the best advantages of a professional email marketing campaign, is that you can see the results within minutes, and identify what works well (or didn’t) for future campaigns very quickly.  Using a wide range of analytical data you can drill down into the performance of your campaign to identify important trends and anomalies that will allow you to tune future efforts for greater results.   Sales from a well executed campaign generally flow in within hours or days.

Email Marketing drives traffic to your website

Unlike advertising in newspapers, radio or TV, email marketing drives traffic directly to your website.  This is because you can embed links to the most relevant sections of your site within your site with the ease of just one click!

Email marketing keeps your customers in the loop

Sending out a regular email to your customers reminds them that you remember them, and value their support enough to keep them in the loop with developments in your business and/or special email only offers.

Email Marketing builds relationships

Its not complex but people love to feel connected to other people.  Send a regular emails to your customers and not surprisingly they will feel connected to your business, which will draw them back time and again.  You should also use this approach to subtly remind them of the value proposition they saw in your business/product/brand when they first made their purchase from you.  This can help to build customer loyalty and even contribute to the creation of advocates.




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