Online Retail – a light of hope

Everywhere you look, economies are in turmoil, there’s panic in the streets, debt is exploding and dark times are looming. All EXCEPT for one shining beam of unprecedented prosperity… Online Retail.

While the bulk of the business world is paralysed by cold fear, online retailers are surging on the back of a sustained boom that defies economic gloom – in fact, it thrives on it! As traditional retailers wring their hands in misery, facing long periods of negative growth, online retailers are gleefully planning their next optimisation or digital marketing tactic to score another win.

There are plenty in the race now, but who’s running the right way to get their slice of a whopping $36 billion revenue pie? Are you? Don’t leave huge amounts of cash on the table by ignoring the ONLY fast growth channel in retail.

According to the Commonwealth Bank’s transactional data from 2010,  a staggering 44% of online purchases are made to overseas retailers, but it need not be so!  Australian shoppers genuinely want to buy online, bricks and mortar retail is in decline, and time is running out to capture your critical slice of that market share before international businesses do.

To assist small retailers to bring their businesses online Rethink Marketing have joined with the worlds leading hosted ecommerce platform – Volusion.  Volusion, removes a great deal of the cost and more importantly risk associated with investing in an online retail presence.  For a fixed monthly fee starting at just $20 per month, you can host up to 100 products, on a system which is designed with security and conversion success at the core.

We are currently close to completing the set up of two online stores using volusion with 200 and 4000 products included respectively.  Both are tradional bricks and mortar retailers seeking to grow their markets and reach new customers, before their competitors do!


If you want to find out more about Volusion or our other ecommerce solutions, call us now for a confidential discussion.




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