why use a marketing consultantWhy would you choose Rethink Marketing, well here are six of the reasons we think matter to small business owners…

  1. We bring a team of highly skilled business and technology professionals who are dedicated to assisting you, grow your business in a profitable, sustainable way through effective marketing.
  2. We guarantee, to provide you with fresh insights into the challenges that your business faces. Our team with their innovative view and broad experience can help you think “outside the square” — and support the formulation and execution of strategies work.
  3. We aim to transfer skills, knowledge and expertise to our clients. Rather than beginning this process at the end of a project we start the Skills Transfer phase at the beginning. From day one our clients gain business and personal value from our open approach to share knowledge and information.
  4. We will drive the change you want to see in your business. Most businesses are filled with people who want things to improve as provided everything can stay the same. As you would know, these two things are mutually exclusive, or to put if more succinctly: “The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result” We can act as the catalyst in your business to bring about change, building the consensus that is essential to effectively bring about marketing improvements.
  5. We work with you to set and measure results in terms of sales growth, profitability and cashflow, the factors that really determine the success or failure of any initiative.
  6. We are 100% committed to developing local businesses in the South West of WA, and stake our reputation on our successes in this business community.