Broadly speaking the work we perform for clients and fees we charge can be categorised into four different groups:

Web Site and Web Design Costs


The majority of our work is done on a project-based fees.  Under this approach we work with you to define a scope of works, milestones and a project plan including project fees.  This allows us to collectively determine time frames and outcomes and ensure that both of these are mutually agreed, before jumping in at the deep end together.

Ongoing Services

For clients who are seeking our services on an ongoing basis to provide marketing support such as Search Engine Optimisation, Web Updates, Campaign Management or the like, we offer a choice of prepaid service blocks (at a discounted rate) or a monthly services account.  Both of which are based on an hourly rate which varies depending on the type of services accessed.    As a general guide to the costs of our services…

  • basic low value work such as link building, or database entries our rates are generally are in the range of $15- $20 / hour
  • skilled work such as writing, web design, web development, and graphic design our rates are in the range of $20 – $60 / hour
  • high value services such as strategic planning, campaign management or project management our rates are in the range of $75 – $125/ hour

Web Design FeesAd Hoc Services

For clients who want us to give them a hand with a small job such as re-hosting their website, changing the colours, designing a flyer or training staff in the use of social media, or a content management system (CMS).  We charge for these services on a time and materials basis at a rate of $90 per hour.

Start ups and New Businesses

For new businesses seeking venture capital or early stage marketing advice, occasionally we will take an equity stake instead of a fixed fee.  This approach helps your equity investment go a little further and puts some skin in the game for us.  Whilst not an approach which suits everyone, it does offer some unique benefits to both parties in the right circumstances.